Art Director / Creative
attempting to marry creative with technology in interesting ways.


Electric Guitar Fence

Rock’n with a little ‘Rural music’ created via the ‘Electric Guitar Fence’.

Drawing yourself drawing yourself

A Third-Person Portrait Machine.

The ever-changing all-occasion multi-denomination christmas holiday-greeting card

Finally an all-occasion card that hopefully won’t offend anyone.

The embarrassing website of Kurt Strong

A single page, animated website to illustrate my embarrassment at not having completed my new website.

Boing Boing Gloop Machine

Interactive artwork created for Auckland nighttime art festival Art In The Dark 


Friding: The movement to get people riding their bikes, on Fridays.


In-house parking app for FCB New Zealand.

Vodafone VodaCam Jersey

Embedded cameras and tech in players’ jerseys give fans on-field action they’ve never seen before.

Visa Lobster Tram

Why just put an ad on the side of a tram when you can turn it into a lobster?


A cuckoo clock that literally tweets when you get a tweet.

Playstation Resistance Retribution

Infecting game reviewers takes some attention to detail.

Vannair Difficult Patients

A piece that is as resistant to change as some doctors’ patients are.

Jim Beam Roadie

The sound isn’t working at one of Europe’s biggest music festivals. What are you going to do?

Milo Energy Stunt Shelter

Milo Energy Drink powers its own bus shelters across Auckland city.

Tamiya true to life models

An idea that demonstrates Tamiya’s legendary reputation of replicating real-life car models to the smallest detail.