Art Director / Creative
Combining creative and technology in interesting ways.


RedPeaked – 2015

A response to New Zealand’s flag referendum and the Red Peak flag campaign. The Google Trends search data for ‘Red Peak’ is visualised as a new flag – RedPeaked. If you have access to a flagpole in New Zealand and would like to display this piece, use the contact page to get in touch. Note: Read more

Run down your rate – 2015

    The ultimate bank sponsorship: An idea that turns marathon run times into great home loan rates. For the past year, stories about the housing market had been a regular feature on the front pages of national newspapers. So, as ongoing sponsors of the Auckland Marathon, ASB offered home owners the opportunity to ‘Run Read more

L&P Shot Bro – 2015

A campaign to refresh one of Coca-Cola’s most iconic brands, New Zealand’s World Famous L&P – with a little recycling incentive thrown in. This iconic drink needed a refresh, so we created a campaign to get our target market back on board in an engaging way – by getting them to compete with their mates, Read more


Electric Guitar Fence – 2014

Rock on with a touch-sensitive Electric Guitar Fence, inspired by New Zealand’s famous Country Calendar Spoof.

Drawing Yourself Drawing Yourself – 2014

A Third-Person Portrait Machine.

The Ever-Changing All-Occasion Multi-Denomination Christmas-Holiday-Greeting Card – 2013

Finally, an all-occasion card that won’t offend anyone (hopefully).

The Embarrassing Website of Kurt Strong – 2013

A single-page animated website to illustrate my embarrassment at not having completed my new website.

Boing Boing Gloop Machine – 2013

Interactive artwork created for New Zealand’s nighttime art festival Art In The Dark.

Friding – 2013

Friding: The movement to get people riding their bikes, on Fridays.

FreeParking – 2013

In-house parking app for FCB New Zealand.

Vodafone VodaCam Jersey – 2013

Embedded cameras and tech in players’ jerseys give fans exclusive on-field action they’ve never seen before.

Visa Lobster Tram – 2011

Why just put an ad on the side of a tram when you can turn it into a lobster?

Twitterclock – 2010

A cuckoo clock that literally tweets when you get a tweet.

Playstation Resistance Retribution – 2009

Infecting game reviewers takes some attention to detail.

Vannair Difficult Patients – 2008

A piece that is as resistant to change as some doctors’ patients are.

Jim Beam Roadie – 2006

The sound isn’t working at one of Europe’s biggest music festivals. What are you going to do?

Milo Energy Stunt Shelter – 2005

Milo Energy Drink powers its own bus shelters across Auckland city.